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Initiating the Evergreen Education Centre journey


Everyone has had the feeling of not fitting in. For teenagers even more so. They are going through a psychological phase of searching for their identity, trying to see where they belong, whilst upholding the social demands of their teenage culture. On top of this social-emotional rollercoaster they are riding, they are trying to fit their academic career in somewhere. For our neurotypical teenagers, this may be achievable, but for teenagers who experience a barrier to learning, it is a different story.

Many school-going teenagers understand what they read, can study independently, stay motivated, and read social cues (they can make sense of the world around them), but school can be difficult for teenagers who face learning barriers. Not only do schools have a social component that can be difficult for these teenagers to navigate (this is especially important to teenagers), but when they compare their academic results to those of their peers, they can feel that they are falling short. This is not due to a lack of cognitive ability, great schools, or dedicated teachers, but rather to the fact that these teenagers require different teaching and learning methods to absorb the school curriculum.

According to market research, there is little support for teenagers who face learning barriers, and many high schools place enormous pressure on students to succeed, despite the difficulties they may face. Some schools lack the necessary adaptations, concessions, or resources to assist these students, and students feel a sense of failure as a result. Thus, the Evergreen Education Centre was initiated, a safe space for teenagers who learn differently. Through adaptive and individualised teaching methods, the goal was to create a space where teenagers could develop their self-confidence, motivation, and academic skills, as well as become independent in their academic careers.

The Evergreen Education Centre not only focuses on providing a caring, nurturing environment for teenagers, but we also serve as education consultants, educating others about learning barriers. I, for one, am very excited about the Evergreen Education Centre’s journey and the opportunities to build relationships with students, parents, and schools.

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