About Us


Meet owner and founder of Evergreen Education Centre, Carien Maree.

As a young Bachelor’s Educational Psychologist graduate, Carien worked as a facilitator at a private school in 2010. In her capacity as facilitator she worked one-on-one with a dyslexic boy, and fell in love with working with children who face learning challenges. Her time at the private school inspired her to pursue her Master’s Degree in Educational Support, which she completed in 2014.

While studying, Carien’s career took her on a 10-year journey in the government and private sectors, with a specific focus on supporting children with a range of learning barriers in the classroom. She gained experience as a Learning Support Teacher as well as in Teacher Development and Training, where she trained other teachers in Inclusive Education.

In 2019 Carien wanted to equip herself even further in this field and started her Doctoral Degree in Inclusive Education which she completed in 2023. Although training is still one of Carien’s passions, she could not let go of her dream of working with children who experience learning challenges and creating an environment where they could develop and learn at their own pace.

With a tremendous passion for creating a caring, nurturing, safe space for learners who experience barriers to learning, Carien opened the Evergreen Education Centre’s doors for the first time on 13 January 2021 in Paarl, Western Cape. Today, Carien is living her dream by providing a space for teenagers with different learning needs.

Our Mission

Our mission at Evergreen Education Centre is to provide students with a learning environment that facilitates the development of self-confidence, motivation, and academic skills and gives students the opportunity to achieve success in life.